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#NowPlaying “Missing You” by Brandy, Gladys Knight, Tamia, and Chaka Khan


Elizabeth Webber 2-19-14

Saying what I’ve been waiting 84 years to hear.

They know each other inside and out. They accept each other for all of their lies and faults. It’s been a very genuine love for all these years, even though they haven’t been ‘in love.’ So it’s a very natural step for them to fall in love.
Rebecca Herbst (on Nikolas & Elizabeth)


Credit to Coven

His attitude has shifted from dealing with the demons that come with being a Cassadine to directly focusing on getting THE NEW LOVE OF HIS LIFE.
— Tyler Christopher (excerpt from last SID issue; see previous post on my tumblr for the screencaps)

This gif is EVERYTHING! lol 

#NowPlaying “Silly Ho” by TLC

How Godney Slayed us in 24 hours….

So what’s going on? BRITNEY JEAN SPEARS is shooting her music video for “WERK BITCH” (or at least the rumored title of the new single coming from the upcoming 8th album.

@britneyspears: Cheers to the freakin weekend!!! LINK HERE

….. 5 hours later

@britneyspears: Hot day on set… ;) A little dirty, little flirty, danced my ASS off. Stoked for tomorrow! LINK HERE

not that long afterward

@britneyspears: #WorkBitch LINK HERE


The stans were able to locate the full outfit….

Hannah Spears (Britney’s dog) tweeted a picture of her bowl on a director’s chair:

The location of the video is said to be in Malibu, California at the HENMAN HOUSE.  The stans were able to find pictures of the GORGEOUS place.

Can we have a pool party on the set please? THAT VIEW THOUGH…..

How symbolic that this wonderful piece of work is outside of the house and represents her “8th LP.”

Rumored Director of the music video is Ben Mor and choreographer is Sebastien Stella (ex Cirque du Soleil and previously worked with P!nk for her “TRY” music video)

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